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Watch this brief Video below to discover what stem cells are and how they work...

StemFit Active™ contains signalling peptides that activate and direct, adult stem cells to heal and repair...

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Activate the Body's Own Regeneration and Repair System.

StemFit Active™ contains special proteins that fortify the body against degeneration, raise the production of the youth hormone DHEA and have a profound effect on lowering excessive cortisol levels.

These signal peptides turn on your DNA switches for health and turn off your DNA switches of accelerated degeneration of your body’s cells. Being able to perform better in sports activities and fitness training, it is necessary to keep a high level of these signal peptides.

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The synergy of this formula enhances the activity of our adult stem cells for repair, strengthens our immune system to protect us, and activates the healing wisdom within.

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Our ingredients are nutrient dense foods derived from Nature that are all organic or wildcrafted, great ingredients for creating ideal biochemistry for the life of the cell.

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Our nutraceutical line offers the highest quality and the latest technology to deliver some of the most powerful rejuvenating and regenerating supplements ever made

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